7. Purchase of iWork

In SST, iWork will be used in the curriculum programme. Therefore, all learning devices are to be installed with the software. iWork comprises of three applications: Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

Year: 2012 November
Information for Y2013 Secondary 1 Students

Word of Caution to Parents:

  • You will be required to create an Apple ID in order to make the purchase and install the software in the computer. 
  • This Apple ID & password is linked to your Credit Card Account information.
  • You are strongly advised to keep the password of your Apple ID confidential and do NOT to disclose it to your child.

Year: 2011 November
Information for Y2012 Secondary 1 Students

iWork comes in 2 types of "packaging" that could be purchased either at the Apps Store (click at the direct link at the Macbook desktop) or the Apple Online Store .

The two types of 'packaging' are priced differently.

(i) From the Apps Store: the software will be downloaded into the macbook directly. It does not come with a box.

Info extracted from Apps Store (on 23 December 2011)

(ii) From the Apple Online Store: the software comes in a box (Pls see Apple Online Store for details in the box).
Info extracted from Apple Online Store (23 December 2011)

The flowchart below serves as a guide only

Section A: Registration of Apple ID

Parents: Do not disclose your Apple ID and password to anyone (as it includes payment details).

1. Go to the Apple Website: http://store.apple.com/sg/help/your_account
Find out what you could do with the Apple ID at the website. Please read the information in the page carefully.

2. Click HERE to register for an Apple ID if you do not have one.
You will see this:

3. Click at "Create Apple ID now", you will be prompted to enter particulars in the online form.
Register now. Upon filling up the information, click at "Create Apple ID" to continue.

4. Upon successful registration, you will see the following:

5. Click at "Continue" and you will see the following. Under Payment Information, click at EDIT to enter the billing address and mode of payment. 

Click HERE to see payment details at the Apple Website

Section B: Order by Phone & Payment by Cheque/Bank Transfer

Note: Click HERE to see details at the Apple Website

The following direct links might be useful for those who do not intend to make payment by credit card.
  • For Cheque Payment (extracted from http://store.apple.com/sg/help/payments on 23 December 2011)

Section C: Direct Purchase from App Store

1. Activate the "App Store" application either by clicking at the icon at the dock or using the Spotlight feature to retrieve the App Store application. Click at "App Store" to activate the application.

2. In the search panel (on the top right panel), enter "iWork" and the relevant apps will be displayed as follows:

3. Select the apps that you intend to download, the following window will be displayed to prompt you for your Apple ID and password. Enter your Apple ID and Password to sign in.

4.  You will be prompted to verify information in the iTune store and update your billing address and payment information.

5. Upon completion, select the apps required for download. Remember to check the price of the apps before downloading so that you know how much the apps would cost.

Click HERE to see details from the Apple Website