4. Macbook Insurance

2012 November 

2011 December/ 2012 January

Contact Number: RIZK Insurance Solutions
Lucas Teng
HP: 9147 7992
Email: lucas.teng@rizksolutions.com
From RIZK Insurance Solutions:

As part of our efforts to reach out to the students and parents of SST who have taken up the Apple Laptop Insurance with Rizk, we have specially dedicated a page on our newly set-up website to include an online claims filing specially for the Apple Laptop 1 to 1 Program

Below is the URL of our website where the claim can be filed online.


This is to ensure that the student's claim is being filed and processed in a more efficient and effective way.
Newsletter from RIZK Insurance Solutions:

Presentation on Macbook Collection Day on 21 Dec 2010 and 3 January 2011

Presentation for Parents' Engagement Session on 27 February 2010