(9 May 2013) InfoWatch - Digital Citizenship [DC 13]

Android Mobile Security: What you need to know about malicious apps?

Recently, Android phones have been the target of cyber criminals, owing to its increased popularity and open nature of the OS. As such, our focus this month will be on android mobile security.

Smartphones - they are everywhere today. Most of us have the misperception that their smartphones are relatively safe and not prone to “cyber attacks”. However, it is important to take note that as the smartphone industry begins to grow, the appearance of malicious apps will follow suit. 

What we do not realise is that unlike computers, there is actually more sensitive information on their smartphones. From phone numbers and addresses to credit card numbers, pin numbers and passwords. Some even have private and confidential documents and photos stored on their phones. These makes them a “juicy” target for cyber criminals. 

We will continue with the dangers of Malicious apps in our next post.

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