(6 Mar 2013) InfoWatch - Digital Citizenship [DC 9]

In this post, we will know about Online identity and how to secure it.

What is Online Identity? 
An online identity is used to uniquely identify yourself to others online. Your personal data such as NRIC, Internet banking login, and email address could all be a form of your identity online.

Why do we need to secure our Online Identity?
If the personal data is disclosed online, malicious users could masquerade as you to conduct malicious acts. Your email address might be misused to send messages embedded with malware to your friends and associates or funds might be taken out from your bank account.

  • Limit personal information that you put online
    Do not post/share personal information (e.g. Date of birth, phone number, etc) on websites as malicious users can easily harvest the information and misuse those information.
  • Safeguard your password
    Do not share your password with others. As a good practise, use different passwords for different accounts. A strong password should be used and changed regularly to reduce its likelihood of being compromised.
  • Safe surfing
    Avoid entering sensitive information on unsecured sites. Install security suite (i.e. Anti-virus software and Firewall) on your surfing device.
  • Watch out for phishing emails
    Do not reply to emails that requests for your personal information (e.g. password, credit card details).
We will discuss about Security Tips for Social Media accounts in the subsequent post.

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