(20 Mar 2013) InfoWatch - Digital Citizenship [DC 10]

In this post we will see security tips for your Social Media accounts:

Facebook’s goal is social sharing and relevance and they do that by broadcasting almost everything you do to your friends. Tweak your profile settings to control what and who you share your content and activity with.

  • Click on Apps in the left menu under your Account Settings.
  • First, delete any applications that you are not using or do not intend to use anymore.
  • Next, tweak the permissions for each application by changing the setting for “Who can see posts and activity” from this app to “Friends”, unless you really want it to be “Public” or otherwise.
  • Next click on Facebook Adverts in the left menu. Edit the third party advert settings and social advert settings to “No one”.
  • Lastly, set your Facebook posts’ default privacy to something you are comfortable with. The default is “Public”. We recommend changing it to “Friends”.
  • Prevent others from searching your profile through email address by un-checking “Let others find me by my email address” checkbox in Twitter settings.
  • If you are harassed on Twitter, you can block the person and report them to Twitter. To block a person on Twitter, visit the person's profile and click "Block."
  • Avoid clicking on redirect links from users you don't trust. Usually redirect links are from spammers who will attempt to redirect you to a virus! Make sure you only click on links from users you know and trust.
  • Be extremely cautious when it comes to revealing any personal information publically, such as your email address, phone number, home address, and your work address.
  • Change your Twitter password often and don't use the same password on any other websites.
  • Always make sure you're visiting the real Twitter.com. Check the URL in your browser & make sure it begins with http://www.twitter.com.
In our next post we will learn about password security and management.

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