(9 Jan 2013) InfoWatch - Digital Citizenship [DC 5]

In this post we will discuss about Having a Correct security mind-set to protect the computer from Cyber threats.

  • Any website or email could be a malware source
    While visiting adult-rated sites and downloading pirated software puts us at a greater risk of infection, even legitimate web sites can be hacked and made to propagate malware. Email attachments from someone we know might also turn out to be a malware. Make sure the anti-virus program is able to warn about these threats.
  • Many types of malware are installed voluntarily
    The most common threats are Trojans, which spread via social engineering. The malware writer convinces us to run his innocent-sounding program, which secretly does something else than its stated purpose. For example, it might claim to be a new audio playback plugin but actually it turns out to be a program that hides in our computer and steals passwords or sends spam. So only download files and programs from trusted sources.
  • No computing environment is immune.
    Every platform can be exploited by a cyber-criminal. Some may say that if they use an OS X on a Mac, which is currently a lesser target as compared to their MS Windows counterparts, they do not need to install any security software. However, we have to take note that OS X is growing rapidly in popularity and this will then attract enough attention from the bad guys. As such, no matter which operating system we use, always update it with the latest patches to prevent the vulnerabilities from being exploited.
  • Keeping computer secured is our responsibility
    People are aware that keeping our computer secured is a very important role in today’s modern world. Everyone is connected these days one way or another. We should stop being complacent about this issue as cyber-crimes are actually growing rapidly worldwide. Therefore, it is just our responsibility to ensure that we’ve done our part in keeping our computer secured, thus, enhancing the safety of our online world.
So make sure to invest in good computer security products. Remember, having just one computer security product to take care of one aspect in the computer is NOT enough, take time to find the best product to purchase that will make up a security suite suitable for the computer.

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