(26 Dec 2012) InfoWatch - Digital Citizenship [DC 4]

Let us discuss how Personal firewall and Software updates helps in securing the computer from cyber threats.

What is the purpose of Personal firewall?

Personal Firewall is necessary for protecting against incoming and outgoing connections to our computer. Incoming threats such as hacker attempts can result in loss of sensitive information. Outgoing connection protection ensures that even if a malware that resides in the computer attempts to connect to an external computer, it will be blocked. Threats like these can go on unnoticed in the background without us even realizing it! 

So make sure that the computer is protected by a personal firewall, and correctly configure it to block suspicious access or alert us of such attempt and let us decide whether to allow the connection.

How does Software updates help in protecting the computer?

Software updates remove programming flaws and vulnerabilities in computer software that can be exploited by hackers and malware. Software that is recently purchased may also contain vulnerabilities as the software could have been developed some time ago. As such, software that we install on our computer should  be uploaded with the latest patch as soon as it is installed.

Lastly, we will discuss about having a correct security mind-set in our next post.

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