(12 Dec 2012) InfoWatch - Digital Citizenship [DC 3]

What does an anti-virus software do to protect the computer from cyber threats?

Anti-virus software is used to detect and remove malicious software ( malware), which is used by hackers to infiltrate computers and servers to provide a form of back-door access or programmed for malicious intent. This could include turning the computer into part of a bot network designed to ‘attack’ other websites or computer systems.

These days, anti-virus software are also capable of detecting spyware, a type of malware installed on computers to collect information about users without their knowledge. Spywares can be programmed to steal your credit card information, passwords or other sensitive data and use them against your knowledge.

So make use of the anti-virus software to detect and eradicate such threats. Use anti-virus software to scan internet downloads, external discs and drives, and schedule periodic scans of your whole computer. To be effective, the anti-virus software must be configured to update its signature databases automatically.

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