(14 Nov 2012) InfoWatch - Digital Citizenship [DC 1]

Dear Students

As part of the school's concerted effort to promote digital citizenship in the SST community, we are rolling out the InfoWatch series to heighten our awareness on the various aspects of technology use and to better prepare ourselves as a responsible Digital Citizen in the 21st century.

The series will focus on the 9 elements of Digital Citizenship (click at hyperlink for more information). Information and tips will be posted at the blog at a regular basis.

To kick-start the programme, we begin by looking how we could strengthen our personal security :)

Strengthening Personal Security

To strengthen personal security, users must adopt secure practices in using computing and networking devices such as computers, mobile devices and wireless routers, and when they go online. 

In the realm of cyber security, we need to adopt a strategy known as “defence-in-depth” to protect ourselves effectively. It is crucial to fortify the devices that we use to do our work by adopting appropriate security measures. Without these measures, our devices might be hijacked to join the hacker’s army of botnets in just minutes after you connect to the Internet! 
S/N Areas What can we do
1. Computer Security
  • Install / update anti-virus software
  • Install personal firewall
  • Software updates
  • Developing correct security mindsets
2. Mobile Security
  • Enable mobile device password lock
  • Disable Bluetooth / Wi-fi when not in use
3. Wireless Security
  • Remove unknown devices from wireless router
  • Disable SSID broadcast on wireless router
4. Online Identity Security
  • Remove personal particulars posted online (e.g. mobile number, date of birth)
  • Restrict access for social media profile (e.g. apply Facebook security)

Look out for further elaborations in subsequent posts.

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