(28 Nov 2012) InfoWatch - Digital Citizenship [DC 2]

Let’s get started by first understanding what computer security is. This is one of the key essentials of strengthening our personal security.

There used to be a time when the only computer threat you had to worry about was viruses. Today, the digital world has advanced so quickly that it is no longer the case.  Other than the propagation of viruses, threats now come from hackers, phishing sites and more trying to gain your confidential information or to use your computer for criminal activities. So how do we protect ourselves?

Computer security covers all efforts that protect a computer from cyber threats. Some of the measures to be taken in securing a computer are
  • By installing Anti-virus software
  • Creating personal firewall
  • Software Updates
  • Developing correct security mindsets.
We will discuss about Anti-virus software and its purpose in our next post.

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