(24 Nov 2012) Y2013 Sec 1 Registration - Digital Citizenship Matters

In SST, technology is ubiquitously used to support and enhance learning. Internet access allows students to learn, access and share resources. Online collaborative platforms serve as an avenue to interact and collaborate with people anytime and anywhere.

A hardcopy of the [link] Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) was included in the Registration package. It is intended to prescribe effective, ethical and lawful use of ICT resources by students and ensure a conducive and safe virtual environment to our learning community. This policy applies to the use of the ICT resources owned and managed by SST, as well as those brought in for use by students in SST. All students are to comply with this Policy.

Technology use in learning is not limited to curriculum time in the school. It is therefore important for parents to play an active role to help their children to manage their activities with the learning device so as to maintain a balance lifestyle.

Parents are strongly encouraged to maintain the administrator right of the learning device and use the parental control feature (recommended: Setting bed time from 11pm to 6am) to help manage your child’s access to the learning device.

Here are some useful pointers to Parents and Students:
To Configure Parental Control in the Learning Device, you may watch the online guide from the Apple Website:

Please complete the acknowledge form and return it to the school through your child, latest by 4 January 2013.

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