21 December 2010 & 3 January 2011: Collection of Macbooks


During the session, we share with the following:
  • Care of Computers
  • AppleCare Protection Plan (APP)
  • Insurance Policy
  • Checking and Setting up of Learning Device
  • AUP (very briefly, with reference to Handouts) & Signing of AUP
You will find the materials presented during the session in the various sections in this blog

If you need further assistance, you may contact the following:
  • Ms Shirley Lim (NCS): Learning device and package purchased, including collection matters (Email: xueli@ncs.com.sg)
  • Mr Shahli (Apple Service Centre): AppleCare Protection Plan and Technicalities like setting up of accounts, configuration for back-up (Contact: 6571 7200, ext 228)
  • Mr Lucas Teng: Insurance-related matters (Contact: 9147 7992; Email: lucas.teng@rizksolutions.com)
For matters pertaining to SST ICT-related Programmes, you may email your enquiry to contactus@sst.edu.sg and direct to the following
  • Mr Johari (SST, Teacher): On Cyberwellness Programme
  • Ms Loh Kwai Yin (SST, HOD/ICT): On ICT Programme in the school

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