Gentle Reminder... on the Learning Device

During this one-week school vacation, let's continue to exercise our responsibility to taking good care of our learning devices and our learning 'assets' developed in the past 10 weeks.

  • It is time to backup copies of work!
  • There are many ways to backup our work - the simplest way is to make duplicates into portable storage medium (e.g. portable hard disk or thumb drive). We can also use other means (e.g. the Time Machine). However, no matter which method we use, remember to read the instructions carefully to ensure our data are safe.
  • Data recovery is no easy process... and it is costly - even if we pay $ for the recovery work, often, once the data is lost, it's lost forever...
  • Always think twice before installation of any 3rd party applications - what impact does it have on the other applications in the learning device. Some 3rd party can create disastrous and irreversible impact on your machine and the work you saved in the system.
Before school re-opens, remember to housekeep your learning device:
  • Remove any irrelevant program(s) that you installed or experimented during the school vacation.

During the school vacation, the Apple Service Centre is open as usual. If you need help/support, you may call up the HelpDesk before coming to the school (See Contact Information on the right panel).

Have a good one-week vacation...

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