27 February 2010: ICT Engagement for Parents (I)

Dear Parents

Thank you for your active participation. We also appreciate your valuable feedback to the sessions.

Below is the set of materials presented in the session
We have also sent a set of the materials to the Parents who attended the session.
A similar session (covering the Care of the Learning Devices & Insurance Coverage) has also been organised for students during the Assembly on 4 March 2010.

Please click at the slides to activate full display

(A) Care of Learning Devices

(B) Mac OS - Access Control

(C) Insurance

The slides are published with permission from our Technology Partners.

We would also like to thank our Technology Partners for the support and putting up this sharing session for our Parents.

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  1. Dear SST

    I am one of the parents that attended the 27 Feb session. But I did not receive a set of presentation material. Please help to send a copy to my email address kkua@mmm.com. From Kua. Thks